Staying Close When They’re So Far Away

Tim and I are super lucky to be close to two out of six of our grandchildren. This hasn’t always been the case as the two of us have moved here there and everywhere over the past several years. Staying close to our grandchildren was definitely a challenge and it was often difficult when we couldn’t physically be there for holidays, birthdays or other big life events. So that made it even more important to be there in spirit. How did I accomplish this? Through words, basically. Thank goodness for social media! Between Facebook, Instagram, text messaging, and emails, we’ve managed to stay current with what our grandkids are up to. Sometimes we receive a little bit too much information on FB and the urge for a little lecture comes on. But, then I remember it’s my role to love and support and be here to be a listener. Everyone has to learn the consequences for their decisions. And these days those consequences come a lot swifter due to putting it all out there. I also remind myself these kinds of social media outlets weren’t around when we were young and I’m super glad for that! There are a few episodes that would’ve caused a little shock and awe for sure. There are times when the grands and I exchange private messages…these are great reassurances for both of us. They know we’re there for them and we know they’re still alive!

The other way I’ve reached out over the years through words is by sending books to the grandkids. Every so often I’ll send something via Amazon that I’ve heard is a good read or looks like something they’d like. I’m also known to supply books upon requests. They all know Nanny loves to read and loves to provide books for any, all and no special occasion.  Nothing makes me happier than when Julia will tell me it’s the best book she’s ever read or that she read something I sent to her twice in a row because it was so good.

So, those are two ways that I use “words” to stay close to my far away grandchildren. How do you other grandmothers do it? Food? Presents? Crafted items? Letters? Pictures? Let’s share some ideas for keeping those treasures close in our hearts.


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